4Chies' Videoke Moment w/ a Stolen Kid

I had so much fun singing on videoke with my siblings yesterday.  It was the 4Chies'(Chie, Chem, Cheep and our only brother, Butchie) singing moment. We went this new restobar in town.  It was cool because there were only few costumers there and so we sang up to our might and up to how many songs we wanted to sing.  We only ordered coke and colt 45 for Butch. We were there for 2 hours.

I stole this baby girl, a daughter of one of our boarders.  I saw her singing and dancing in front our television because my brother played a music for her to dance and sing and so I took her with us.

P.S. Listen to some of Chem's voice on "Love Can't Lie" at Chie's Music Box.


  1. wow, nice bonding moment man ni sis chie...singer sad diay ka...


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