Utot Mo Pink First Giveaway

I have good news to you all. Mrs. Kolca, the author of Utot Mo Pink is hosting her very first blogging giveaway as her way of saying thank you to all and the increasing numbers of her blog visitors and supporters. Along with it is the celebration of her blog’s success that will be turning 2 years old this coming January 1, 2010. So, to all bloggers I am inviting you also to come over at Utot Mo Pink and join Mrs. Kolca's First Giveaway. The ways to win are so easy so check it out.

Here are the prizes you can win:

♥First Prize♥
-Pink Camisole (worn by Reese Witherspoon in the picture)
-Lovely in Pink Eau de Toilette Spray
-Lovely in Pink Purse Concentrate
-3 months 125 X 125 ad space

♥Second Prize♥
-Photo Frame Alarm Clock
-Pantene 3-Minute Miracle (6 pcs)
-2 months 125 X 125 ad space

♥Third Prize♥
-Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings
-Pond's Whitening Cream
-Pond's Facial Wash
-1 month 125 X 125 ad space

Two of the ways to win these awesome prizes are first, of course, blog about the contest. Second is quite fun because you have to answer the following questions which is very different from the past giveaways I’ve joined. So, come on and check my answers.

a. Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you? If yes, write about it.
---> Ten feet from where I am at (in front the computer) is our green laundry basket where I put my 2 dirty pink shirts along with our dirty clothes this week. Here is a picture for you:
b. Who is your favorite Hollywood actress or supermodel younger than 30?
---> My favorite Hollywood actress is a 28-yr-old Jessica Alba.

c. Choose one. Shoes? Bags? Clothes? Or make-up?
--->It’s really hard to choose one among the choices because girls need all of these but I would go for shoes.

d. What is your favorite sleepwear?
--->Either my birthday suit or big shirts.

e. I joined this contest because I want to join Mrs. Kolca's celebration of her blog's success and of course, I want to win the awesome prizes.

To join this contest, just click on the big "My First Giveaway" banner above or simply click here.


  1. you know what sis? you are one of my favorite bloggers, so joining with multiple blogs is okay.. hehe!

    btw, i enjoyed reading your answers.. pareho pala tayong favorite si jessica alba :D

    okay then, let's wait until next year.. see ya around..

    Mrs. Kolca

  2. Si Chie,
    Moapil ko ani, bagay ni sa akong fashion ah! hmmm... hope i can make the entry... aganahan ko ana silver earrings hehehe!

    Nywayz, musta man imung blogging world oi!

  3. Mamuot man pud tas title sa iyang blog sis... hehehehe

  4. Jessica is one of my favorites too. I felt really bad when I learned that she has herpes. That definitely took away the sex appeal.

  5. lovely post!
    would u like to win also 88 propalette eyeshadow


    Good luck! looking forward for an entry from you
    God bless


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