Tom Is Out From PBB House

Tom Mott, one of the Pinoy Big Brother Double Up housemates is now out from Pinoy Big Brother House. Big Brother punished him with force eviction after breaking one of the serious rules in Pinoy Big Brother’s book and that is acting violently inside the PBB house. To read the full story, please click here.

Now, two of my favorite housemates (Princess and Tom) can no longer be seen inside the Pinoy Big Brother House. I still have one left inside the house and that is Kathy, the sexy momma from Spain. Anyway, I saw a glint of happiness in Tom’s eyes when he saw his special ex-housemate Princess, who was Big Brother’s especial guest last night to pick Tom. That was so sweet and so playful of Big Brother to do that.


  1. na sis, wala uroy ning PBB sa TFC...sige nako pangitaon sa una ra pag start sa season..wala man ko ka kita tawon...murag wala galing ni sa TFC....thanks for sharing the info.....:)

    agi ko dire!


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