I ♥ Pink #1: Where's Cheep?

Which Of These Two Teens Is Cheep?

The first commenter who can give me correct answer will be lucky enough to receive 1000 entrecard credits. (Ended)

Congrats to Bambie The Fab Momma for winning the 1000 ec credits and thank you so much for visiting and for playing my guess game.

Cheep is the girl in pink Bratz Shirt with sunglasses on. She was with her classmate, her closest friend.

I would like to thank also the other 2 players who took time to leave comments and play this guess. You still receive 500 ec credits each. Congrats sisters!
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  1. my gosh i hope i was the first lol

    the left girl in pink and shades =)

  2. Cheep is wearing pink with sunglasses on..hehe

  3. sus nganong wla mnko kakita ani nga post.. sus.. kadaog unta kow.. hmmmm.. nice contest sis.. :-)

  4. galing ni sis bambie! congrats dear :D

    awww.. di ko alam na may "pink fridays" pala! haha! i did not join that one.. ^^

  5. Happy Friday!
    Cool Contest. Congrats to Bambie.
    I have pink shoes today.

  6. my gosh...na uwahi man ko....lol!

  7. Hi Chie...hahaha thank you sa EC credits...hehehe gadungan mo ni Jovy of My Thoughts on Daily Living ug hatag nako ug 500 EC..hehe

    Salamat kaayo...Muahh!


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