Miss Brazil Crowned Miss Earth 2009

,I didn’t mess with my computer last Sunday night because I was watching the coronation night of Miss Earth 2009 aired live on ABS-CBN channel 2. The said pageant was held at The Boracay Ecovillage Resort and Convention Center.
After the long wait for the judges’ final count on who was going to be crowned Miss Earth 2009, the hosts finally called the 4 big winners among the top 8 candidates. Miss Spain was named Miss Fire or 3rd runner-up, Miss Venezuela was Miss Water or 2nd runner-up, of course our very own Miss Philippines, Sandra Seifert being Miss Air or 1st runner-up and the Miss Earth 2009, Miss Larissa Ramos from Brazil.

The rest of the countries who made it to the top 16 are Poland, Martinique, Colombia, Singapore, France, Georgia, India, Korea, Thailand, Northern Ireland, Paraguay, and South Africa.


  1. haguy, wa jud ko ka kita Chie...naka tulog naman gud ko. anyway, thanks kay imong gi-post hahaha

  2. i have a similar post sis.. hindi nakalusot si ms. south africa sa top 4 pero okay lang kasi nakasama naman si ms. spain.. favorite ko sya e..

  3. si ms. ramos ang beauty niya mura kang G toengi... or libat libat ba ko nga nag tan aw

  4. hayy.. I fall asleep sis so wa jud ko kataw-an ani

  5. hi care to x-link? ur link already put on my blogroll menu, please link back. thank you :)

  6. Guapaha man nako aninga pic hehehhe! hala watch baya ko ani sis chie, wala jud nako nahuman kay kapoy nako bie na kaayo.

    Guapa si Pinas ani during the pageant mura sya ug bading hehehe! sa make up tali to... waaaa... maayo nalang 1st runner up ta.... aw sya diay heheeh!


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