Girls Talk! #9: My Fave Chocolates!

It is Girls Talk! time once again. Today's theme is "Fave Chocolates". I do have a few all time favorites and nothing can beat the satisfaction they can give to me. Since my first grade in elementary or since I started leaning how to eat sweets up to now, here is my set of favorite chocolates.
In the photo:

Nips Chocolate Coated Peanut (I enjoyed eating these colored egg-like chocolate), Choco Knots and Pretzels by Jack&Jill (I used to steal money from our store just to by these chocolates in school), KitKat (Yum2x to the max), Cloud9 (nothing can beat the sweety goodness cloud9 can bring), Goya (oh Dark Chocolate! AylabYah!), and last but my most favorite Hello! chocolate coated-filled Wafer. My sisters love my set of favorite chocolates too!

There you have it. I minimize eating chocolate now. I pity my teeth so much now. No wonder I have four fake teeth and some decayed. Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. Meron pa rin pala yang goya chocolate. I love nips, I will chose it over M&m's!

  2. Wow missed ko na yang cloud 9 & pretzels those are my fave too.

  3. i remember the kitkat yan ung bayad sa akin ng classmate ko nung he asked me to tutor him the accounting subject lol gihurot sa akong mga barkada ang kitkat ingon siya nako dili lang daw ko worry daghan pa daw sa ilang store kuha lang daw siya basta tudluan lang nako siya accounting wahhhh asa na kaya to siya ron hehee

  4. agoy sis, starring man kaau ang cloud 9 dire...sos miss nako ang mga choc sa pinas.....:)

    si akesha fave nya ang pretzels....naa man dre sa pinoy store...pero wala cloud 9....thanks for coming by sis....glad to be here!

  5. Nakaka miss na rin ang cloud 9 and nips!yan ang fave snacks ko dati pati na rin ang pretzels!yumm!!\(^0^)/

  6. aw nips and pretzels!! sarapppppp. goya is my next option after hersheys it is much cheaper kasi :)

    thanks for joining ganda! see u next thurs ha.. share ur fave pastime naman with us!

    ingat lagi..

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  7. naku!gusto ko din yang mga favorites mo,naalala ko tuloy ang kabataan ko!whew!thanks for visiting on my page!

  8. oi na miss ko yang cloud 9 kahit pa isa isa bili sa tindaha he he, pero mas type ko pa din yung may nuts haha

  9. wow, more than 10 years nako di nakakatikim ng cloud 9...

  10. wow cloud9 lagi kung binibili yan nung nag aaral pa ako..

  11. Agoy ang nips! Mabuang ko ani sa una.. kron dli na ko katilaw kay way nips dri...


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