Girls Talk #8: My Fave Drinks

I am late again for the second time in posting my Girls Talk! but I believe in the saying "it's better late than never. Today's theme by the way is "favorite drinks". Since I do not have photos of drinks here in my file, I just searched for pictures of my favorite drinks on Google.

Coke is my most favorite drink. Not coke zero, not the coke light but the classic taste. I always love to have this after every meal before drinking water. I get to the point of taking more glasses of coke than water and there were times that I don't drink water in a day but coke. I know it is not right but slowly I am drinking more glasses of water than coke. Coke is definitely a thirst quencher for me especially when it's just taken out from the freezer, oh so cold!

Note: I am not into beers. I rather drink coconut wine than beer.

Carlo Rossi (I love the sweet aftertaste)
Long Island Iced Tea (for light drinking)
Censored on the Beach (I love this drink dearly)
Gilbeys London Dry Gin mixed with Island Mix Lime juice or just lime (I love drinking drinking this with my classmates and friends )

If you want to get me drunk, these are the drinks that can totally knock me out. I am not really a drunkard. I hate it when i feel like throwing up but I cannot think of throwing up when I am in the middle of drinking. You know, when the taste of liquor starting to taste so good and you get so greedy to the extent of stealing a turn? According to hubby and some friends, I always say this line while throwing up "I will never drink no more, never ever!" I am not the only one who loves saying this line while throwing up on the toilet bowl. There are many out there. Lol!


  1. Hahahhaha.. mabuang pud tas imong talent sis! hehehehhe.. Btaw ana pud ko sa una pro kron wla na, mahubog na man ko makasimhot lng ug alcoholic drinks...

  2. been here... yay! cheers with coke! LOve coke too but I draw back myself from drinking for a while...

  3. I had my share of gilbeys... and a lot more of different rum... from tanduay to fundador... i got drunk and I used your line... from then on i never had a liquor drink anymore...and that was like 7 years ago???

  4. hehehe hi chie ako pag mahubog ang tanan kanta akoa kabalo lagi ko daun hahahah

  5. i have yet to try your fave drinks my dear.. mukang masarap nga ah.. to steal a turn sa inuman is something ha!!!! ihhhh and the throwing up moment with that famous words is so old na.. i used to say that with tequila eh.. katuwa ka!!! hahhah

    its ok dear.. heheh loka neto ok lng edit ko na lng mclinky..

    anyways thanks for joining ha.. at hindi ka late.. see u next week lets talk about our fave chocolate naman!

    see u!

  6. hala, kuyaw ni bataa kay mo inom man nuon ug tuba kay sa!....mamuot man ko nimo sis....ehhehehe!

    oh my, I will never forget gilbeys during college days...mao nay naka hubog nako for the first time in my whole life...hheehhehe!

    oh carlo rossi....lami pod ni sya sis...ako man sagulan ug grape juice....hahaha...para d ma knock out....

    ako sis wala nako drink ug sodas....kay nada ko sa ER ana sa una....sakit akong kilid.....maong bawal na sa ako ang coke...sos na miss nako ang sizzling...ehhehe!

    thanks sa comment sis....:)thanks for supporting Akesha as well...mwah!


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