Girls Talk #11: Favorite Gift(s)

Today's Girls Talk! theme is "favorite gift". I actually have two here, so here are my favorite gifts:

The first favorite is my pair of little butterfly earring. It is a gift from hubby last Christmas, an addition to hubby's b-day gift for me. He knows I am head over heels with butterfly stuffs so he got me that gift.  The other favorite gift is a heart-shaped jewelry keepsake from Ate Tammy. I used it as keepsake for my butterfly earring. So, there you have it girl friends!


  1. Oh that's cute sis.. So sweet of your hubby and Tammy too..

  2. Nice presents from your loved ones,dear!!I'm sure it looks reat on you!!

    Here's my late entry:

  3. oh boy! love it sis chie...kanindot man ani..ganahan ko simple lang kaayo but very nice... hala tagsa ta sis pede? waaaaaa...joke!

    Hala ni lili lang ko...babush!

  4. wow the butterfly reminds me of the song spread your wings and prepare to fly coz you became a butterfly... hehehe


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