Girls Talk! #10: Favorite Pastime

Today's Girls Talk! theme is "favorite pastime". Blogging is really a big thing for me now. I spend most of my days in front the computer blogging or visiting blogs so I can say that blogging is not my pastime. It is the usual thing I do everyday and I consider blogging as my work. It's funny but yes! Now, when I get tired or bored with blogging, here are the things I usually do to get away from the radiation of the computer screen.

  • 1. I play boardgames. Do you know that I can play scrabble and domino alone? Yes, I do when I feel like killing time and challenging myself at the same time. I created my own style on how to play Domino and Scrabble alone.
  • 2. I read books. There are still lots of English novels, recipe books and magazines and some other books in my bookshelf to read. Next month, I will start reading the book "Purpose Driven Life". You have to read 1 chapter each day so I would like to start December 1.
  • 3. Write poems, making parody songs (this is so much fun), and write short stories.
  • 4. If i get too lazy and feel like just lying down and be useless, I watch TV.
There you have it pals. These are the only pastime I do aside from sleeping and eating.


  1. Chie, we should get together so we can play scrabble :-); girl, that is one of my fave pastime with hubby, kaya lang medyo nag slow down na kami kasi alam mo na, si Jake panggulo eh, di na kami maka play ng maayos :-(

  2. Agoi! Addict pud diay ka'g scrabble! Mao na akong pastime sa una sa pinas kay akong lola mahilig kaau ana... I miss those days oi...

    Salamat sa comment sis...

  3. join ako with te ces... i love scrabble... when i was still in PI... we always play scrabble as a family...

  4. agoy akong purpose driven sis ky wla na nko nabasa mn oi.. I hope I can find time to read it everyday one day.. good luck sa PD na book sis.. muahh!

    Cacai M.'s Place


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