Ang Tanging Pamilya Movie

Ang Tanging Pamilya” movie starring Ai Ai Delas Alas, former Pres. Joseph Estrada, Toni Gonzaga, Sam Milby and the introducing star Mommy Dionisia Pacquiao brings another joy and laughter to the viewers of over 100 theaters nationwide. The regular screening of the movie started November 11, 2009, Wednesday and now on its 3rd day after the successful premiere night.

Ang Tanging Pamilya” is a story of a young couple, played by Sam Milby and Toni Gonzaga who want to get married after their 2-year long distance relationship. There is a hitch, however, when Gonzaga's father (Joseph Estrada) also plans to re-marry his wife (Ai Ai delas Alas) in time for their 25th anniversary. Since the 2 weddings cannot possible coincide, mayhem ensues.

This is a must see movie for the whole family. I am looking forward to watch this movie not may be on the big screen because we don’t have a movie theater here, an original copy will do for our 24 inches television.


  1. hala wala diay sinehan dinha girl?

  2. hahahha...I saw her lasy sunday sis sa "the buzz" gosh....sikat na jud si mami!

  3. @ sis Anne: wa jud tawon sinehan dri sa amoa..pagka-probreha ni among lungsod hehehe..

    @ sis Dhemz: mao lagi..sikat na kau ang Pacman family, di na jud marich...i mean mareach diay hehehe..kita ani sistah...nus-a kaha ta ani


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