Pink Fridays #23: Pink Travel Bag

This is one of the souvenirs I got from Dumaguete when I went there with my friend last month. Actually this is also one of my souvenirs from my Google Adsense earnings. I only bought this for 150 pesos. I had to buy this because my bag was already full with some stuffs we bought there. It's a much nicer bag for its price. This bag was able to carry my stuffs without breaking apart until I reached home. Lol.

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  1. Sis chie agoy, naa naman jud kita ang adsense dire hehehe! nakatilaw jud tawon...

    Nice kaau ni sis ako wala nasad naka apil saon man busy!

    I love the bag sis unya 150 lang pede na kaau heheh!

  2. cute ang bag! maka income d i ka anang ad sense!!

  3. Sorry for the delay. I was having problems with my internet connection.

    By the way, that is a very cute bag. I love stripes!


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