Girls Talk #6: Favorite Dress/Outfit

Am I late? I know I am and I hope this post can still be counted. My sister is here for her whole semester break and as much as possible, I want to spend time with her because seldom she can visit us here because of her class. Besides, I like hearing latest gossips from her about me and our family in town.

Anyway, today's Girl's Talk theme is favorite dress or outfit, whatsoever. I am not really into dress when going out to party or eat outside. I am not that confident to show my athletic legs in the public except when hubby asks and when I need to. I am into jeans, long pants, shorts (sometimes), shirts, blouses, open shoulders with plunging neckline, halter, and etc. Lol. This dress in the photo below is one of my favorite dresses (aside from hubby's gift) that I love wearing around the house OnLy. This was a gift given to me by my younger sister Chem last Christmas. She thought I was pregnant because I had little humps on my waist. Later on we found out it was just fats. There are some fats left and I am working on it everyday by doing sit-ups.

These are some of my outfits pals. The shirts I am wearing in these photos are some of my favorites.

See? I am into jeans except this black dress in the last photo. I had to wear that for hubby. I never wear like that outside without long pants, I swear!

My latest favorite "I Am A Blogger" top. This is a gift from Dj Tammy

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  1. ganahan ko sa black nimo nga outfit!

  2. Ikaw ang sexy dyan eh at ikaw ang hot na hot..Hehehe! Bihira din ako mag dress, sa picture lang, para may ma i post. Yup, mabait naman si hubby kapag minsan, pagbibigyan ako sa kung ano ang gusto ko.. I lvoe all the outfit, ke jeans, ke shirt. Maganda ka kasi magdala ng damit..

  3. Sis chie! K-sexy oi! Preho jud ta, a2 mga bana ipag-model ta. Pro dli nko pwede i-post kay basin ma-pong ko nya! sexy man jud kau ba! Hehehehe...

    Angayan man ka mag-dress day kay petite man ka. And u look hot in ur black outfit.. Pahuwam ko! Nyahahahaha...

    Thanks sa comment dear...

  4. i love your "i am a blogger" top.. and your black outfit. you got it, show it!!

  5. oi chie gusto ko rin ung I am a blogger tshirt!!! :) or i am addicted to blogging haahah :) san pinagawa yan??

    anyways u are so sexy with that black dress ha.. cant wear that out of the house rin.. strict ang husband ko LOL

    the first picture is nice.. u should wear it often. for sure that looks good on you rin!!!

    thakns for joining this week chie.. see u next week for our fave accessories..

    ingat lagi!

  6. oh me too, love that black and 'blogger' top.. very chic!

    at ang ganda ng fit sayo ha.. sexy!

  7. ang ganda ng legs mo girl hehehehe sexy

  8. oh sure nag tulo ang laway ni gary anang black nimo nga dress gosh.....kiri na it baby work it....nice bod sis...nice boobs too...waaaaaaa....hahahahaa!

    ka sexy ba kaau sa legs woi...

  9. hi chie bakit naman ayaw mo ipakita ang iyong legs eh maganda nman hehehe.. i love the black jumpsuit ba un .. parang all in one? i like it ! pang summer hehehe..


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