Girls Talk 5: My Favorite Shoes

It is girl power moment again in Girls Talk. This Thursday, we are sharing our favorite shoes. All ladies out there, this is our time to flaunt it all. If we can only do it, why not the whole closet, right? But a favorite is a favorite and I have about four.


This is my wedding shoes, a pair of white 6-inches high heeled shoes from Gibi. Of course, I was the one who chose this but hubby paid for it. Lol. The flower on the strap actually caught my attention. It looks so pretty and sexy although it was not too sexy on my feet. I made sure that my shoes for that very special day of my life were as special as the celebration itself. So, I thought of getting it from Gibi. It’s one of the most trusted brands of shoes you can find here in Dipolog City.

This is my school shoes with 3" heels enough to make me look a little bit taller. This is another Gibi Shoes. I miss wearing this pair of shoes so much now that I am out of school but I’ll surely wear this again as soon as I can make my mind up of going back to school. I am kind of lazy now and so addicted to blogging that I don’t want to go to school no more and just make money through blogging. Anyway, Gibi Shoes are really one of those good quality shoes you can find here in the Philippines. I so love their shoes.

This one is..hmmnn? I got this pair of shoes the night before my wedding day. One of our sponsors, a family friend, talked to me that she will not be able to make it to our wedding due to a sudden meeting. And she ordered this pair of beautiful shoes from Manila which just arrived earlier that day. She ordered it only for that very special occasion (my wedding) but she couldn’t use it. She said that there is no way for her to use it anyway because she is this simple type of woman to be wearing it. So she thought of just selling it to me. Since it is beautiful and the lacey flowers on the straps interest me, I bought it. I used this once only. This serves as my shoe stand decoration, so this pair is one of my favorites.

Ok, this pair is my most favorite pair. As you can see, it is much overused. I was using this nonstop for a week and I had to wear pink tops to go with it. Can you imagine how crazy I was? This pair of shoes is very light to the feet, very comfortable, easy to walk with and trendy. Well, this is again another product of Gibi. I bought this, I guess, 2007, and I’ve been using this for more than a year before I decided of giving its rest. I am thinking of getting the straps and heels fixed because that’s the only damage. I might do it one day.

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  1. Your most favorite is the one i love too!

    Here's my sapatos

  2. I agree about GIBI shoes especially for school shoes. super tibay talaga.

  3. hehehe that wedding shoes of yours is the same shoes my friend got for her wedding, my wedding shoes, is a gibi also but it has different style kay kung gana gihapon akong style paliton na ganahan tana ko pareha nami sa akong bff wahhh

  4. I love your wedding shoes, ang sexy nga..hay! bakit kaya may babaeng gaya ko na di mahilig sa mga girl girl shoes, puro solid lang ang shoes ko, wahhh! yung last pair eh cute din siya, di lang bagay sa akin yan, siga daw ako lumakad sabi ng hubby ko, as if siya eh sexy, hmp!
    Great collection chuchie..

  5. oi type ko ung white shoes mo :) danda!!

    and naku pareho tau ng sandals.. husband chose that for me too.. ihhh i should have a post for that one
    too! LOL

    oi thanks for joining this week ha..see u next week lets talk about our fave dress naman..

    ingat lagi!

  6. ganda ng last. type ko. hihi. low lang yung heels nya and flowery. lurve!

    anyways, here's my entry for this week:

  7. Your shoe collection is so sassy. I so adore your bridal shoes.

  8. like ko yung wedding shoes mo..
    the higher the heels mas gusto

    and the last pic.. it do looks comfy pag suot.. cute din nya..

  9. wow your shoes are all sexy. I like it...Agree with mommy Rose about your favorite one, That is so fab!!!
    Happy weekend!!!

  10. they're all sexy and chic...I guess you prefer high heels.. same here, kaso lately medyo low heels na muna..

    grabbed your badge =)

  11. Super sexy sa paa ang mga collection of shoes mo dear!!I love 'em all!!Kung medyo sexy lang sana ang feet ko I would love to wear your most fave.But I guess na sa yo lang nababagay ang sexy shoes mo and not on me.^_^I love 'em all!!^_^

  12. oizzt ka-high heels jud sis.. heheh... nice for you.. but for I seldom wear heels.. 'yong isa na isang suot ko lang, ay naku ko sa step mom ko na teacher.. hahahah.. I don't know perhaps it's just depends upon the occasion and taste, and everyone's favorite is great! like yours.. cool!

    Cacai M.'s Place

  13. hala puro high heels jud??nah di jud ko nimo mapasuot ug high heels sis..dili ko kabalo..hahaha..mao rubber shoes akong entry


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