Girls Talk 4: My Favorite Perfume

All the ladies must be so excited today because it is Girls Talk day again. Today, we will be sharing our favorite perfume. Mine is a Light Blue Scent of Dolce and Gabbana. My husband was the one who introduced me to this scent. He brought me one on his second vacation in my town. It was during those days when he courted me again. Lol. He said that its sweet and sourly scent fits me because I have this constantly changing mood. I can be as sweet as sugar and sour as mango at times. I can be tough and bitchy but with a soft and kind heart. I do like its smell I swear but the price is not right for me. I am just glad that my husband is thoughtful enough to replace empty bottle for me.


  1. my friend in hawaii she like that so much.

  2. like ko den yan sis.. nice smell :D

  3. I love perfumes but I am so loyal to Jad'ore by christian Dior. It's also pricey pro si bana, ma-tental lagi ug maka-simhot.. nyahahhaha..

    Kmzta na chie? Sensya na panagsa ra jud ko ka-bisita, unsaon man nga akong mga chikiting, labi na akong kamanghuran, akong bana! nyahahhaha... Mga manyahon kaau, gana ibaligya sa Ebay! nyahahahha...

    Btaw sis! thanks for the visit...

  4. How I wish I could that perfume so that I could give it to my wife.

  5. that must really be good! with its price naku dpat tlga mabango sya.. i wish maamoy kta one of this days :)

    thanks for joining chie! see u again next week ha.. fave shoes naman..

    ingat lagi!


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