Girls Talk 3: Favorite Bag(s)

It is again a day for girl power as we get deeper into our Girls Talk. Today’s theme is “favorite bag”. For me, favorite bag(s) means the bag or bags that I always take with me wherever I go. So, I have two bags here that play important roles during my strolls.
This bag above is one of my most favorites among the bags or purses I have. I love this bag even though I only got this for 300.00 pesos. Cheap, isn’t it? But you know what? This bag is very helpful to me in carrying my clothes and other important stuffs whenever I go visit my parents. I usually stay with my parents for two days so I have to take some clothes with me. I had been using this recently.

This second bag is very special. This bag doesn’t belong in the lines of branded bags. This bag doesn’t have a popular brand like Gucci, Guess, DnG, Coach, Prada, or any other brands. I only got this bag from Fort Santiago gift store in Manila when we visited there on April 2008. This bag is quite pricey for me having a cost of 2100.00 pesos but it is all worth it because this is a handmade bag made by the natives in Philippines.

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  1. Amiga... I LOVE BAGS... or what we call here as "pocketbook" [don't ask me why Americans call it that because I already asked they don't even know why.]

    I just love bags or pocketbooks to the maxxxx. LOL

    Take care

  2. I love the first bag. It looks like a carry-all multi-purpose bag.

  3. sis , akoun imung ubang bag..hehehe nice i like it!

  4. nice blog!!! please connect with us, thanks^^

  5. I love handmade bags too sis. U have great bags here.

  6. weeee nice collection of bags.. i like the first one the most kasi its big :) i am into big bags tlga hehehe.. nice print pati sya :)

    2nd bag is quite expensive ha.. its really pretty.. :)

    thanks for joining this week chie, see u next week. fave perfumes naman! :)


  7. The first bag is super cute and akala ko nung una Burberry until you said it was not. I like it's size, too! Mahilig ako sa malaking bags!

  8. I like the first bag, it's like a carry-all bag and its very chic.


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