Ruby Tuesday 6: The Wall and The Gift Bag

Happy Ruby Tuesday everyone! I have two rubies here. The first one is the red on the gift bag, it is actually the red part of Philippine flag. That gift contains a t-shirt for my hubby. It is a gift I got for him from Tagbilaran City. Check how it looks on him.

The second ruby is the red or actually burgundy wall behind my hubby.

The shirt looks pretty good on him. must be asking why I got him that shirt? Well, hubby had became a big fan of Ninoy Aquino since he learned about his heroic life story.

Check out the print on the font side of the t-shirt. It is Ninoy Aquino's line: The Filipino is worth dying for. That's the line that hubby admires the most. So, that's the story why I got him that shirt.

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  1. Love the gift bag it show off the red for this week, the shirt you bought your husband is awesome I love the design.

  2. Very nice gift bag and t-shirt! It does look good on him and the color of your wall is very nice.

  3. Oi gikan pani bohol sis? agoy humot humot pani ug kalamay hehehe.. nice style sis.. fitted to your hubby.

  4. type nako ang shirt Chie, nice ang printing..Bohol lang ba kaha na no kay ako pod palitan ako bana. hehehe


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