Ruby Tuesday # 5: Mr. Teddy Bear

It's been a very long while since I last posted for Ruby Tuesday. I am just too absent minded that I let a Tuesday pass only to realize later on that it was a ruby time. I always forget about my memes here in this blog; it is quite obvious. Anyway, I spotted this teddy bear with some ruby color on it when I visited a friend at her boarding house. My friend's sister own this huggy bear and place it on her bed. I am sure her boyfriend gave this rubbyish bear to her because the magic words written on the bear's heart is quite a proof. Happy Ruby Tuesday everyone!
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  1. A white bear to hug
    and cuddle on lonely nights—
    ah, bear, I love you!

    My Ruby Tuesday

  2. That looks cute Chie..Happy RT! Mine is up too.

  3. Sis Chie, i really love this bear... nice kaau... wala nimu pangayu-a ni sis... heheh! joke lang..

    Yup murag gikan ni sa special people sa imung friend sis..hehe
    Nice entry... i will try to apil2x ani puhon..

  4. Yes...and I love you too! A big red heart is good ANY time! :)

  5. I love that magical words sis and I love to hear it every day. For sure di ako magsasawa.

    Btw sis, please give me ur complete mailing address. here's my e-mail: jovdavid25121806 at Just send it there nlang sis. Thanks and congrats!


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