Jet Femme Eau de Toilette


Look what my mama got me? It is a 50 ml Jet Femme Eau de Toilette, one of the new scents of Avon. I went home to visit my parents yesterday and I was so glad I did because I got this present from my mama. This scent is not as expensive as you think. Ma said she only got it for 6oo+ pesos. The prize is quite great in case I can think of getting another one after consuming the entire bottle. I am pretty tight on my budget. Lol.


  1. Sis chie ka sweet ni mader.... humot tali ni kaau sis chie...hehehe! g00.00 mahal na para nako waaaaaaa.... kuripot kong no.1 haha...

    Happy MYM sis chie...

  2. na di pod ko palit ana pareha ni anne! lol

    bitaw seriously, i can't stand perfume bisan pa ug channel or bvlgari... bahoan man ko intawon... kabuhion ko wahahaha

  3. most of the avon products has nice scents...

  4. wow ka sweet na mama dear woi....pwede pa spary gamay!


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