Girls Talk 1: I Love Me!

Niko is starting a new blog entitled Girls Rule! Along with it is its very own meme, Girls Talk every Thursday. This really is a very cool meme and surely all girls out there loves this. I am one of those who love this meme. So here I am participating today, along with my sisters’ opinion regarding today’s theme.

For this week’s theme of Girls Talk we have to answer this simple question...
Why you love being a girl?

My apology for posting this late but I had to text my sisters to ask the question what they love being a girl. I still have to consider them since this blog is all about us and the way we live our lives. I put their opinions together with mine and so here are the answers.

1. First and foremost, we love being a girl because we can be cuddled, pampered, cared, loved, gently caressed like a crystal, given everything, spoiled and appeased by the man we love.

2. We love being a girl because we can dress up, wear nice and beautiful bags, shoes and accessories and make ups.

3. We love being a girl because we can cry in front of many people without being teased that we are gay. Lol.

4. We love being a girl because of the fact that someday, each of us will become the guiding light of our home and become our children's first teacher.

5. Personally from yours truly, I love being a girl because I can have another chance to become a mother again and if it is going to happen I promise that I am going to take care of my baby for the rest of my life and will never ever commit a sinful decision of hurting him/her.

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  1. great things about being a girl are: motherhood and fashion.

    Girls rule!! till next week.

  2. thanks for sharing sis...mami naman kaau imong vision in life...that is good though...I am hoping and praying na sana God will grant your wishes...lalo na to have a baby pretty soon...lovelots sis...mwah!

  3. correcteness lahat ng sagot mo sis..i agree with you %100..

  4. aw i love ur 4 and 5..

    and u cry easily too?? naku halos lahat ata ng girls ganyan.. at keber kung umiyak kahit sa public noh?? ehehehe

    thanks for joining ha! seee you again next week!!

    hugs and kisses,

  5. i like all your answers, Chie, girl na girl talaga eh, salamat for sharing ha :-); have a nice weekend!


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