Still Having F4 Fever!

The three Chies are still feeling the Korean F4 fever although their TV show, Boy Over Flowers aired on ABS-CBN every 6:00 p.m. weekdays was ended just recently. We feel like we are hanging up on the air. We still want more! We still want to see more of Jun Pyo and Jan Di’s love scenes, ahm, kissing scenes to be specific. And of course, we still want to see more of the cute lovers Gaeul and Yi Jeong. There should be more to see from the ever handsome Ji Hoo and Woo Bin. Lol. Well, it ended. We just feel sad that we can no longer see the wonder girl moving on TV no more. We love you Guem Jan Di! Korean F4, you guys rock! Thanks for giving us extra ordinary excitement and for letting us scream by the site of you within the running period of your show.

If you want to listen to the Boys Over Flowers official sound tracks, I have them featured at Chie's Music Box.


  1. Oh my gulay sis...i will give this link to my officemate..sus ka adik aning dramaha...hilak hilak pa to akon mate..uli sayo para maka-abot lang ani... nice malipay jud to tom ako sya pakit-on ani sis.heheh

  2. elow sis Anne...i cant view ur blog lagi..ehhehhe thanks for the comment daghan na kaau mi


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