Pink Fridays #18: Cheem's Bra-out Top

This is my younger sister, Cheem with her pink sleeveless bra-out top. Ops, don't start wearing bra out now if you haven't tried it yet around the crowd. It is just that, she is like that. At 18, she already has her own brain out of her head. She don't listen what she is being told. She hates our parents' sermon. You'll only get a slammed door if you start criticizing her. She has her own life as well as a decision of her own but I tell you, she can be a good sister and a daughter when it comes to family matters. I love her. We love her no matter what although she will only go home when she feels like it. We are just letting her do her thing, she will get tired of it one day. Happy Pink Friday everyone!
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  1. hehe , nice man sad ang pose che even nkita ang bra .

  2. i like the entertainment center...

  3. she the youngest Chie??my sister is like that as well..even I was like that when I was younger..hehehe

  4. Hello Tin...happy Pink Friday sad...

    Sis Lu, gubot intawon kaau na ilang entertainment center heheheh

    Sis Kat..chem is the third child..bali xa ang gisundan sa kmanghuran..buotan man among youngest..kani xa maoy bugay kaau

  5. mami Lu kay g tripingan ang entertainment!

    bitaw, pindot pod ko dire sis....:) let her realize...and someday somehow...she will figure out why she's know what I mean....:) realize ra na nya pag nana sya family....:)


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