Hopeful's Burluloy Contest

Hopeful of Walk With Me is hosting a contest for the first time. She called her contest Burluloy Contest. Being fond of making burluloys and thinking about her little angels' birthdays made her think of hosting this kind of contest.

This is also her way of showing her deepest gratitude and sharing her lovely works to her fellow bloggers. It simple means that she is not only a blogger, a wife and a mother but also an individual who can make and do something she is fond of doing. She does have nice burluloys so check it out girls. Joining her contest is as easy as 1-2-3.

This contest will end this September 15 so come and visit her blog now to win her lovely works. (ENDED)


  1. Muapil pod ko ani hehe..anyway human na nko add imo tnan na blog hope you do the same, i check ra sa ako blog if naa did2 tnan imo blogs..

  2. Hello Chie, ty for joining. I'm glad that you're participating. Larga na me unya going Sa Aloran, Mis. Occ. Diha ako hometown. Dipolog man inyo no?

  3. kita bitaw ko sa iya mga burloloys nice sd sila, i didnt know she run a contest for the burloloys, thanks for sharing sis, ill check out this contest.


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