What Is Your Favorite Scent?

Each of us has our own favorite scent. Majority of women love sweet scents that reflect their sweetness and fragility. Men, of course, they love strong scents as justification to their masculinity. As for me, I’d used different perfumes already. Some of them have accompanied me through their last drop and some are given away to my sisters. So far, among those many perfumes offered in the malls and even online, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Scent seduces my sense of smell. It has watering notes of lime and cedar giving you fresh and delightful feeling. The scent really is something you want to smell for the rest of the day.


  1. hi sis, I have my cool water for woman--light blue color and it's a cool one, I like also Mariah Carey perfume the lavender one. I have it last one but it's empty already that's why I try the cool water unluckily my doctor let me not use for my cough thingy, so I put it in the box again.. heheh.. I have to get it soon if I can use it already.. I will also try that G&B too!


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