Ruby Tuesday 5: Bicycle Seat

It's Ruby Tuesday time again. I know it is not Tuesday here in the Philippines. It is already Wednesday morning here but still, I am posing my ruby shot - the red heart bicycle seat. Sorry about the blurred photo, it was a quick shot.

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  1. What a cute photo holder that red heart is perfect for RT!

  2. That is a very cute treasure pile - lovely bike - like those girl toys:)

  3. What a cute little heart seat on that bicycle photo holder. Great job.

  4. i remember our wedding give-away is almost like this!:) made in ...Pampanga! lol!

  5. O bicycle seat,
    shaped like a valentine, you
    bring joy to my heart!

    My Ruby Tuesday

  6. It's a wonderful bicycle heart seat! I love it! Happy Ruby Tuesday! :)

  7. I love your bicyle heart seat! Happy Ruby Tuesday! :)


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