Get Tied Up With Bows

By looking at the pictures above it reminded me of of my mother stuffs like her bag, her shoes and even her knee-high skirt with big bow belt way back when I was little. And last year, I remember my sisters asked me to buy that ugly looking, big bowed head bonds. They said that they saw it on TV worn by Mariel Rodriguez, a noon time game show host. It had been a fashion trend here in the Philippines last year, I guess but it didn't live that long.I never loved the head bonds but I loved the shoes and the other bowed apparels, bags and accessories. Oh, it can never be stopped. I do find bowed and draped stuffs still fashionable. It can never be out of time.

For more of bows and draped stuffs, click here.


  1. Oh i love those pink shoes. They remind me of fairy tales :)

  2. i love high heels with bows... pero headbands with bows di kaya ng powers ko


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