Ruby Tuesday #3: Red Butterfly Blouse

Happy Ruby Tuesday everyone. Have you guys taken something ruby red today? Well, I spotted one from my closet. I have here one of my favorite blouses, my red blouse with butterfly prints on it back and front. The butterfly actually is the main reason why I love this shirt a lot.

If you'll think of joining Ruby Tuesday meme, don't hesitate to click on the 125X125 meme badge above. It will take you to the meme's site. Have fun sharing your ruby red shots and stories to us. Wish you a great Ruby Tuesday everyone.
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  1. That is a really lovely bright blouse.

  2. sos ang mahilig lagi sa this blouse....pretty...:)

  3. I won 6th prize in Wonderful Things in Life' COntest, here is my EC profile:


  4. That's a cute blouse sis.. the butterfly is nice!


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