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Have you thought of something that made you smile today? Well, blogging made me smile today. Actually, since I started learning more about this blogging thing, I am actually happier thinking that I share something that I can to my readers. I am sharing you here the contest that I recently joined. It's the coolest contest ever. It is about making a slogan regarding blogging. Express what you think and what you feel about blogging in a form of a slogan for a chance to win cool prizes. The contest is hosted by two blogging sisters DJ Tammy and Teacher Rosilie. For more information on how to join the contest, click on the contest banner below. This contest will end this June 20, 09 so better hurry.

Sister Rosilie's blogs:
Sister Tammy's blogs:
Here is my entry:

Before I get to know blogging, I was living a boring life as a student. There was nothing much to do but go to school, come home to finish school works, watch tv and mess with my computer games. Since I started blogging, I wake up early to check my shoutbox and think of something to write about. I started making more friends online. Just by the thought of making a post, sharing what I can share and visiting my friends' blogs make me smile. Blogging definitely can end my day with a smile on my lips. Happy blogging everyone!


  1. whew! ang cute! this one is girly girly :-)

    thank u chie... :-)

  2. Awesome Post thanks for share :-)


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