Miss Philippines Earth 2009

My bet, Sandra Inez Seifert won the Miss Philippines Earth 2009 competition that was aired on ABS-CBN yesterday night, May 10, 2009 at The Araneta Entertainment and Recreational Center of the People in San Juan City. It was presented by the lovely lovers in real life, Nikki Gil and Billy Crawford. Sandra Inez Seifert’s beauty stood out among the fifty contestants who wanted to be the successor of the Miss Philippines Earth 2008, Karla Henry. To those who do not know, Sandra was disqualified by Binibining Pilipinas just this year because of posing daring pictures for FHM. She was actually the 13th candidate in Bb. Pilipinas 2009 and unfortunately received a letter of disqualification. Well, I can say it was a blessing in disguise because she is now a crowned queen of mother earth. Sandra, a fruit of a German father and a Filipina mother, represents her own province, Negros Occidental located in the Western Visayas Region. The brainy, nature lover and beautiful Sandra truly is her province pride. Rock on Sandra!
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  1. she desreved her crown......

    nevermind gossipers,hihihihi

    she's crowned as in...

  2. She is a lovely lady, great for her!


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