F4 Fever Is Back

Yes! The Flower Four fever is back and this time, the fever is brought by the Korean Flowers with their Korean TV series on ABS-CBN entitled “Boys over Flowers”. It brings more fun and excitement especially to the teens. The three Chies are actually suffering the fever right now. Yes, the 3 Chies, meaning it includes me. I am not a teenager but I can’t believe I still giggle and scream with excitement together with my sisters just because of this teen show, just like before, way back in 2001-2003 with “Meteor Garden”. Oh my, I exactly feel like a teenager for two weeks now. I thought I have already overcome the F4 fever but I was wrong.

Boy over Flowers is the Korean drama adaptation of the Japanese manga entitled “Hana Yori Dango” corresponding to the Taiwanese drama, Meteor Garden (aired on ABS-CBN) and the Japanese TV series, Hana Yori Dango. The story runs in the life of a middle-class girl, Geum Jan Di who was given a special scholarship to study in the prestigious Shinhwa high school after saving the life of a student who was about to commit suicide after receiving a red card from the F4. The F4 consists of four handsome, rich and famous boys namely:

Goo Jun Pyo: The hot-headed leader of F4 and the heir of the largest conglomerate in Korea. Being a son of a rich and famous family, he has gone through kidnappings and terror attempts. He is a master of martial arts and self defense skills except swimming. He falls in love with Geum Jan Di who reminds him of his older sister.

Yoon Ji Hoo: The grandson of the former President in Korea, a calm and soft-spoken boy who loves to play violin and some of the musical instruments. He is the heir of Su-am Cultural Foundation, Art Center, and Orchestra.

So Yi Jung: The playboy among the group who always flirts with girls. He is a reputed potter; from a family of well-known artists who own an art gallery exhibiting national treasures.

Song Woo Bin: The kindest and most mature F4 member. His tastes for girls are more likely towards older women. His family owns a giant real estate business throughout the country.


  1. I just finished watching BOYS OVER FLOWER. For me it is much better than the Meteor Garden. I love Gu Jun Pyo and Ji Hoon's character.

    Anyway, thanks for adding me on Facebook!


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