Do You Have The Guts?

Do you have the guts to wear this kind of footwear? I visited my style feeder account and saw these different styles of footwear. These new styles of footwear are inspired with the combination of a bootie and a sandal so it can be worn for the summertime. So, how do you find it? Do you find it sexy? Do you find it hot? Or do you find it yucky? Will you ever try wearing it or will you even want to get one for yourself?

Iregular Choice Susanna Ank Cuff

J Shoes Sorrento in Black

J Shoes Women's Sorrento

Figaro Boots.

Warm Leatherette Sandals
Here are some more bootie sandals.


  1. Very interesting sandals...

  2. I really the black bootsandels in the first pic!


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