Blogger Buddy Award

I got an award from sis Grace of My World and Family Inspiration. Thank you so much sis for remembering me everytime you receive tags and awards. It helps a lot in making this blog alive. Thanks again sis.

I would like to pass this award to my dear co-bloggers and buddies: Rosemarie's Designs and Scrap LO-the designer of this blog, Rosa Loves, Forgetful Princess, Pink Thoughts, Lisgoldmemoir, D-Anjhel's, and to a new friend, Weng.
Thank You First Commentator


  1. Hi Chie, salamat ani na tag ha grab it unya pag makatulog ako itoy,hehehehe...

  2. hi sis, grab ko nalang kapag may time na ko ah.. busy packing eh, thanks sis

  3. chie thanks for this blog, I already posted it here

  4. Thanks chie, i grab ko to soon.
    may tinatapos lang

  5. Thanks for the award dear! Posted it already at

    By the way, Pink Fridays is up. Hope you can play with us. Thanks!


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