Pink Fridays 5: My Pink Helmet

I almost miss Pink Friday. Thank you so much to Pink Thoughts for reminding me. I do appreciate it. I had fun watching bubble gang with my sister, Cheep and was not able to come back in front of my computer right away. So, I am so sorry if I posted my Pink Friday an hour late.

So, here is my pink helmet for today's Pink Friday. This helmet is already a year and a month old since I bought this. I bought this helmet for three reasons. First, it will keep my head safe if ever something bad happens. We used to visit my parents in Manukan almost everyday using my hubby's bike. It was 45 minutes to 1 hour drive. Since my hubby drives his fast bike at top speed, I thought of getting a helmet. Second, it's very pretty having pale pink color, and lastly, it has butterflies on it which actually drove me to get it. This helmet is added to my butterfly collection. Isn't it beautiful?
Thank You First Commentator


  1. nice entry and cute helmet too.

    Happy Friday! mine is up

  2. Wow! Beautiful entry.You really love pink because your helmet shows it.hehe

  3. That's a pretty color for a lady's helmet. Be safe always and take care!


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