Oceanic Blue on the Beach

Are your get-ups ready for summer? Here are some of my blue oceanic picks from style feeder. So far, from the stuffs they have, these are the following that reached 90 percent of my taste level. When you are on the beach, of course, you have to get rid of your shoes and stilettos for the meantime and step on your flip flops for easy walking on the sand. Stylish beach dresses and sleeveless shirt and shorts would be nice to wear for summertime to minimize your sweats especially when having a morning walk. Beach hat is enough for me to have some shade; sunglasses can ruin the real beauty of the sorroundings. To finally feel the real meaning of summer, put on your two piece swimming suit and rush to the sea. Before you do, put on lotion with SPFs to protect you from sunburn.


  1. the clothing is great for summer, I just love the color chie..

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