New Big Bag

This bag is not as expensive as what you think. I even have no idea what this bag's brand. I only got this from the seller who is coming here, if I am not mistaken twice a week selling clothes, shoes, bags and other girl stuffs. Our neighbors used to get stuffs from the seller and last week, I was home, the neighbor referred me to the seller thinking I might get some. So, the seller approached me with a bag full of stuffs, mostly for summer time. This bag caught my attention thinking it would be good to carry my belongings when going to the beach but actually hubby and I have no plan of going to the beach this summer. For the seller not to be disaoppointed, I bought this bag. Besides I like its style and I found it fine-made enough to last a year. I have been using this bag for school and it helps me a lot in carrying my school book and other school stuffs.
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