Painted My Nails

Power went off ealier tonight when I got home from my 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Computer class. Bored of waiting for the power to come back, I decided to paint my nails. I used Chic Classic brand of nail polish to my toe nails and finger nails. It is my all time favorite brand of nail polish that everytime I go to saloon I ask first if they are using that kind of nail polish. I don't care what color as long as Chic Classic, go! I painted Purple Lustre to my toe nails and Frosty Rose to my finger nails. You must be wondering why I am not using the same color to all my nails. That's because it is time for signing of clearance in school. I am afraid that our Dean will not sign my clearance again like the last time he noticed my finger nails painted black. I have no problem with my toe nails because my shoes will hide them. I am just hoping that our Dean will not be able to notice my finger nails this time.

Since there was no power while i was painting my nails I was only using candle to give our dark room some light. Yes, i mudered my nails, i felt it was more than murdered when I applied the cuticle tint. Well, it was all good. I finally pimp my nails and they look beautiful now.


  1. pretty nails... LOL I remember my time when I'm still in philippines everyweek I always pampered my nails. But now oh boy... I can't do it now. Specially i can't do it with myself.How unpatient I am...


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