08-09 Oscar's Worst Dressed Stars

What I like during Oscar’s Awards Night is the parade of nice, stylish and expensive gowns. Though all those gowns that the stars are wearing are all expensive and fashionable enough to their taste, some people may not like it and turned out to be over exaggerated to some people’s fancy while others think it’s too simple and..blah. Let’s explore here first the worst dressed stars during the awards night and compare it to the last year’s worst dressed stars. I do like watching them walking and waving through the red carpet and judge myself who got the best and worst dress. Check out my last year, and this year’s top choice of worst dressed star.

Worst Dressed 09 and Worst Dressed 08

Taraji Henson and Heidi Klum

2008 Oscar's Worst Dressed

Nicole Kidman
Tilda Swinton
Jennifer Hudson
Melora Hardin
Renee Zellweger
Calista Flockhart
Katherine Heigi
Rosamund Pike
Heidi Klum

2009 Oscar's Worst Dressed

Bryce Dallas

Elizabeth Banks

Naomi Watts

Gina Gershon

Rachel Griffith

Gwen Stefani
Patricia Clarkson

Umma Thurman

Jessica Alba

Jada Smith

Zoe Saldana
Selma Hayek

Sheryl Crow

Rachel Weisz

Taraji Henson


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