Valentine's Color

Here is the color code for Valentine's day to give you an idea on what shirt color to wear today. I only read this from my friendster bulletin. I found it interesting enough to share with you. Check out what is your Valentine's color. Mine is red.
  • Wear Red if you are happily committed.
  • Wear White if you are single and looking.
  • Wear Gray if you are not interested in relationship and commitments.
  • Wear Blue if you are inlove with your friend or if you like someone in the office.
  • Wear Brown if you are committed and you want out.
  • Wear Yellow if you are dating or inlove but not in a relationship.
  • Wear Green if you are in a third party relationship.
  • Wear Black if you are broken hearted.
  • Wear Stripes if you have more than one relationship.
  • Wear Pink if you are in a same sex relationship.
  • Wear Orange if you don't have any relationship since birth.
  • Wear Violet if you a virgin.


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