Red Shirts Ready

My husband and I already got our red shirts ready for tomorrow, for our first Valentine's day celebration. We never really planned on wearing red shirts for this coming hearts day but since we both got red shirts we just thought of wearing them. Besides these shirts are both in never been fitted and never been worn. Having these red shirts here is pure coincidence. I was the one who got that red shirt as my Christmas gift to him last Christmas. He likes red colors shirts so i thought of getting him that. I ordered my red shirt from Natasha a week ago. I just like the style. Anyway, it's Valentine's Day so these shirts would fit to wear for those who are in love on that day. So, since we are still madly in-love with each other, it is just right to wear colors of love. If you are taken but your hubby is not with you or is working far from you then just wear blue shirts so cupid will not site his arrow on you. They said, blue shirts are for those who are alone but already taken. What about you guys? What are your gimmicks this Valentine's day?
I don't know yet where we will be having our first date this Valentine's Day. My husband said he has plan for us, he got his choice of a restaurant in mind but he had no plan on telling me where because he said it is a surprise. Well, wherever would it be as long as we are together, that is all that matters.


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