Cheep's Prom Shoes

My younger sisters, Chem and Cheep came over yesterday. I was quite surprised; they only come over here every weekend. They were here because the youngest sister, Cheep asked me to get her a new pair of sandals to wear for their JS prom. She complained that she cannot walk with my sandals for it is too high and she is not used to it. It made me think. Our youngest darling is now getting ready for adulthood. She was just a mere little baby who used to be very conservative among the three Chies yet now she is starting to wear expressive clothes. She didn’t even wear shorts because she don’t want people see her legs. Just a funny thought. Anyway, I took them with me to buy the sandals. My youngest sister is simply choosy and of course each of us has different taste when it comes to shoes. Besides, the sandals should fit right to her feet and should be tested if it is comfortable enough to walk so she can be able to walk confidently with her shoes on. She picked a pair of 2 1/2 inches purple sandals made by Instyle. The purple sandal fits right her purple cocktail dress. I did not see her dress yet but I am sure I will see it when they come back here this Saturday after the prom. The Prom will be this coming Friday and I cannot be there because of my class schedule. Though I cannot be there she will still have chaperons, her brother and her elder sister Chem.


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