Cheep’s Prom Night

My sister had her first JS prom experience last week. She is currently a 3rd year high school student. Though my parents and I was not able to escort her, it was all good because my brother was there as her chaperon. She is too young to be out at night and it is understandable if we are overprotective to her. The prom night was great according to Cheep. She was so excited to get the pictures developed to add to her photo album. I don’t know to other school but in the school where I studied high school which is where Cheep is studying now, the Prom style is if you are a 3rd year student your prom partner will be a 4th year student. That’s why we call it Junior-Senior Prom.

With Bro


  1. Sos I remembered tong ako pod js naa akong kuya chapperon haha..naa ra nuon sya sa gawas tpos sundo ra ko paghuman gabii pa jd to amo mga 12mn ata to nahuman, like student say this is one of the best part being a high school student, labaw na mg invite og sayaw ang crush sos kulba may heart kau hehe.


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