Monday, September 15, 2014

Dear Readers, Advertisers and Sponsors

This blog is currently idle.

To my friends, avid readers, advertisers and sponsors please do accept my earnest apology for idling and for not responding to your offers and inquiries.

To the hosting service providers with whom I owed web hosting subscriptions please forgive my (very) late payment.

I do hope to be back soon in the blog land. It's just that work and offline life is stealing my time away for now.

Thank you for your forgiveness and consideration.

With a very sincere heart,
Chie Wilks

Monday, May 27, 2013

Pageant Dresses

A beauty pageant is a special event for any young girl. Both mothers and daughters have the chance to connect with each other during pageants, as well as with women around the world. Beauty pageants celebrate much more than just beauty. With talent competitions and the chance to show how she'll make a difference in the world, beauty pageants give young women worldwide the chance to demonstrate her importance to the people around her. One important aspect of any beauty pageant is the pageant dress. Most girls have several wardrobe changes during a pageant. Pageant dresses need to be worn throughout the event. While most talent competition portions of the show feature actual costumes related to the girl's talent, the rest of the show requires certain apparel. Many pageant shops offer dresses that are overpriced and imperfect, so this year shop girls pageant dresses at PageantDesigns offers a variety of fashionable pageant show wear for girls of all ages. Whether a girl needs a yellow sparkling dress to showcase how much like Cinderella she is or she wants something more suave and fantastic, PageantDesigns offers dresses that are sure to meet every girl's beauty pageant needs and leave her feeling like the princess that she is.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cheep and Chewy On Bike

Cheep's leg  is pretty much okay now. Thank God! She can now walk without pain and she can even ride mother's bicycle now without problem. She just needs more walking practice for her walking to go back to normal. I wish for her complete recovery esp. now that it is almost school time. And she should also take it as one of her greatest lessons in life - no drunk driving. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Quick & Easy Casseroles

Casseroles are among the most forgiving of food dishes because they can not only be made well in advance of an event and kept frozen until needed, they generally travel well and can be reheated and kept warm effortlessly. Many casserole dishes even come with plastic lids and insulated travel containers so they can maintain their temperature for an extended time period without the need for an electrical outlet; they also tend to be less cumbersome than a slow cooker.

Pasta based casserole dishes are by far the most popular and economical meals to create but why not think outside the box and craft a casserole with plenty of hearty vegetables? If you have access to a farmer’s market or even your own garden, it’s amazing what affordable prices you can find on vegetables when they are in season. Perishables such as tomatoes are readily available at great prices because they have such a limited shelf life. Something like a tomato, onion and basil toss makes a great foundation for all sorts of dishes which are very flavorful and easy to make.

For portion control it’s a good idea to pre-slice individual servings while the dish is warm or hot – a sharp knife will cut through even meats and poultry; by pre-cutting the food first, you can ensure that each portion includes a little bit of everything. It makes it much easier to serve when the food has been pre-cut, especially if people are left to serve themselves from a buffet or side table. Take a look at your serving utensils and make sure to provide something that works well with the dish – it may be a flat bottom spoon, tongs or a spatula.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Cheemie!

It is Cheem's birthday today and we are all now ready to feast on the foods we have on our table for her. Foods includes, as per her request, one big roast pig - of course. Ah roast pig, some chunks of it sure will add me more weight but who cares - I am not saying no to it!

Cheem invited only a few of her friends and some relatives. It was a one fun celebration and we were all full. After the early dinner feast, we, the youngsters (and that includes me) decided to go for a night swim and then went out to two bars after the swim for some drinks. We went back home around 3 in the morning. 

To my sister Cheem, happy birthday to you. I wish you good health, more blessings and more love. I love you! We love you!
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