Monday, May 27, 2013

Pageant Dresses

A beauty pageant is a special event for any young girl. Both mothers and daughters have the chance to connect with each other during pageants, as well as with women around the world. Beauty pageants celebrate much more than just beauty. With talent competitions and the chance to show how she'll make a difference in the world, beauty pageants give young women worldwide the chance to demonstrate her importance to the people around her. One important aspect of any beauty pageant is the pageant dress. Most girls have several wardrobe changes during a pageant. Pageant dresses need to be worn throughout the event. While most talent competition portions of the show feature actual costumes related to the girl's talent, the rest of the show requires certain apparel. Many pageant shops offer dresses that are overpriced and imperfect, so this year shop girls pageant dresses at PageantDesigns offers a variety of fashionable pageant show wear for girls of all ages. Whether a girl needs a yellow sparkling dress to showcase how much like Cinderella she is or she wants something more suave and fantastic, PageantDesigns offers dresses that are sure to meet every girl's beauty pageant needs and leave her feeling like the princess that she is.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cheep and Chewy On Bike

Cheep's leg  is pretty much okay now. Thank God! She can now walk without pain and she can even ride mother's bicycle now without problem. She just needs more walking practice for her walking to go back to normal. I wish for her complete recovery esp. now that it is almost school time. And she should also take it as one of her greatest lessons in life - no drunk driving. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Quick & Easy Casseroles

Casseroles are among the most forgiving of food dishes because they can not only be made well in advance of an event and kept frozen until needed, they generally travel well and can be reheated and kept warm effortlessly. Many casserole dishes even come with plastic lids and insulated travel containers so they can maintain their temperature for an extended time period without the need for an electrical outlet; they also tend to be less cumbersome than a slow cooker.

Pasta based casserole dishes are by far the most popular and economical meals to create but why not think outside the box and craft a casserole with plenty of hearty vegetables? If you have access to a farmer’s market or even your own garden, it’s amazing what affordable prices you can find on vegetables when they are in season. Perishables such as tomatoes are readily available at great prices because they have such a limited shelf life. Something like a tomato, onion and basil toss makes a great foundation for all sorts of dishes which are very flavorful and easy to make.

For portion control it’s a good idea to pre-slice individual servings while the dish is warm or hot – a sharp knife will cut through even meats and poultry; by pre-cutting the food first, you can ensure that each portion includes a little bit of everything. It makes it much easier to serve when the food has been pre-cut, especially if people are left to serve themselves from a buffet or side table. Take a look at your serving utensils and make sure to provide something that works well with the dish – it may be a flat bottom spoon, tongs or a spatula.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Cheemie!

It is Cheem's birthday today and we are all now ready to feast on the foods we have on our table for her. Foods includes, as per her request, one big roast pig - of course. Ah roast pig, some chunks of it sure will add me more weight but who cares - I am not saying no to it!

Cheem invited only a few of her friends and some relatives. It was a one fun celebration and we were all full. After the early dinner feast, we, the youngsters (and that includes me) decided to go for a night swim and then went out to two bars after the swim for some drinks. We went back home around 3 in the morning. 

To my sister Cheem, happy birthday to you. I wish you good health, more blessings and more love. I love you! We love you!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

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I am happy that my youngest sister can now walk crutches-free. After a month, she can now walk on her own without the help of her crutches. Though she still walks limp, I am happy that she walks on her own now without any help and without any pain. She just needs to practice walking more and she'll eventually be walking normally. As for now, she is like a baby who's learning how to walk again. The family are all hoping for our little gwiyomi chef's complete recovery.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Your One-Stop Physical Therapy Shop

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If you are by chance a physical therapist or a physical therapy clinic owner, you need to stock you cabinets with all the needed therapeutic products for your patients. Where do you order your stocks? Do you have to travel far just to buy and waste the expense on gas? Why don’t you order online? That way you can save on other expenses like fare or gas and even your energy to shop for therapeutic products in drug stores in your area. There is a website that would help you with it. I’d like to suggest a website called
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Monday, May 6, 2013

Original Version of The Gwiyomi Song

This is said to be the original version of Gwiyomi. I just thought of sharing it here since I have no good topic in mind to write about. Below is a video of Hari, the original singer of The Gwiyomi Song, performing the Gwiyomi gestures. I wanted to watch a video wherein she is actually singing the song but I can't find any. She is lip singing in all videos I found in Youtube. Anyway, this is the original version of Gwiyomi hand gestures, in case you want to create your own version.Wink!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Cheer Leading,The Teen-age Dream

To become a cheer leader is every teen-age girl's dream. I wouldn't exempt myself from those teenagers who were dreaming to be in a cheer-leading squad back in grade school to high school but as much as I wanted to, we do not have it back then. The only time cheering or cheer dancing can happen in school, even until now, is only during cheer-leading competition and that happens only once a year. Unless of course, when you are in a national cheer leading squad cheering for a national basketball team.
Cheer dancing requires physical flexibility just like Gymnastics. I was chosen as one of the gymnasts to compete to other school in fifth grade and after joining a cheering competition in high school, I realize that most of the Gymnastics moves were used in cheer dancing too like the different forms of split, aerial and handspring. Cheer dancing though is a lot more fun for you perform with your co-cheerers, unlike Gymnastics wherein you’ll perform alone, can be boring. Plus, the cheerleading uniforms are way cuter and livelier making a cheerleader looks so sassy and cute and pretty, getting all the attention from all the cute boys in school. Isn’t that cool?

One thing I like the most about cheer leading though is that it requires physical flexibility. Therefore, being in a cheering squad would keep you physically fit. Speaking of physical flexibility, it is something I don’t have right now. I can no longer do a split even. I am just glad to see my youngest sister getting active in cheerleading being one of the cheerleaders in their school. Hopefully though, my sister’s leg will get back to normal once the classes begin so she can continue with cheer dancing because right now, her leg really is an issue. She was not even allowed to enroll to a summer class for Physical Education this summer due to her leg. So I do hope she’ll get better soon and continue to cheer on.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Gwiyomi Craze

After "Gangnam Style", everyone is again crazy with another K-pop and this time it is "The Gwiyomi Song" by a South Korean Singer Hari. The song was released on February 18 and it became the newest k-pop craze. The craze of course has reached the Philippines and almost everybody here now, celebrity or not are making their own version of "The Gwiyomi Song". Gwiyomi is a Korean slang for "cutie" and the song "The Gwiyomi Song" is inspired by the cute gestures of South Korean rapper Jung Illhoon. It is the cute gesture particularly the hand movements in the song made it popular.

My youngest sister of course knows the song and she even made her own version of the gwiyomi song with her friends. I do not have the video but I saw it on facebook. They were gwiyomi, of course. Since I don't have the video and can't share it here, let me just share my lovely youngest baby sister's Gwiyomi look with her current best friend Anna. If you still remember, my youngest sister and Anna just had motor bike accident. Anna is very well now while my sister is still receiving treatment for her fractured leg. She is still walking with crutches but we are thankful she is recovering fast.

Anyway, let's forget about her fractured leg for now...check out how Gwiyomi she is in the photos below.

My sister of course is the one in pink. Aren't they both "Gwiyomi"? Now I want to risk a "gwiyomi" hairstyle.  It will be a big risk for the last time I had a bangs  I ended up looking like a monkey.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Alpha Hydroxy Acids at

We all want to look young. We always have this thought as we aged and the more we aged, the more we are pressured to keep the youthful glow. More often, it is the women who are always having this thought. I admit I do think of ways to stay physically youthful. I want to stay young and beautiful to satisfy myself whenever I look in the mirror or well, to keep my man by my side though it is not all the time a good assurance. I admit that one of my fears is to become old and wrinkled but I know it is a situation that can't be helped. Sooner or later, I'll get to that stage but since I can still do something for my skin to look young for now, or younger than my age, I would do all means.
For years now, I am maintaining a few brands of beauty products for my face and skin and for my hair. So far, I am satisfied with the result of the beauty products I have been using. A few weeks back, I was advised to try alpha hydroxy acids at Alpha Hydroxy Acids has all the beauty regimens you need for you face and skin to look the youngest and fairest. It has facial creams, acne gels, peel system and cleansers that fight acne and aging. From what I heard, Alpha Hydroxy Acids products have been proven and tested effective by its satisfied customers. I badly want to try all of their products, especially the newest they introduced, the Akta Hydroxy anti-aging blemish cream.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Quickly Recovering

This is just a short note reporting my youngest sister's condition. We are all thankful that she is recovering fast. Although she still needs the support of the crutches to walk, we are happy that she can now bend her knees with less pain and can take a bath on her own. She is even taking a summer class this summer. She is attending a P.E. subject, which she failed last semester due to schedule conflict. She is hoping to catch up and be able to attend OJT this upcoming semester. Even with her walking staffs and in cast, she still looks great eh? We are hoping for her to be crutches-free soon.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Just Glamorous!

Who would have thought that these two beauties would be dis-beautified after a few days of their gala night in school? Accidents really happen in a time when you least expect it. Although these two are now recovering fast, thank God, what happened to them should serve as a lesson to all young adults out there who are away from home, wherein no parents can give advice. It should strictly be "no drunk-driving" to you guys. Going out with friends is fine as long as you are keeping track on how much glasses of liquor you drink. Keep it moderate.

Anyway, the photo above is taken at their gala night prior to their accident. Don't they look glamorous in their gown? Anna, my sister's friend chose a very daring down to sport night while Cheep stick with her favorite color and chose a pink layered balloon gown. Both of them look glamorous in chosen gown and the way they carry it. I as well like my sister's choice of accessories to pair her gown with. But I kinda' don't like their make-up.